Wednesday, January 11, 2012

djondb - Progress of my own NoSQL DB

The last two months has been really good, my own NoSQL Server is going like a skyrocket, and I'm close to finish the Milestone 2, here're the milestones I created 3 months ago:

Milestone 1 version 0.1

Basic features

  • Allow inserts
  • Allow updates
  • Allow finds by key
  • Shell
  • PHP Driver
  • C++ Driver

Milestone 2 version 0.1

Complete basic features

  • Finds by any filter
  • Arbitrary Index creation
  • Backup / Restore
  • Java Driver
  • C Driver
  • .NET Driver

Milestone 3 version 0.1


  • Transactions
  • Sharding

Milestone 4 version 0.1

Nice to have

  • Authentication
  • Clustering

At this moment the db is fully functional and I'm doing a demo, which is a craiglist like site to demostrate why NoSQL is a nice technology for fast development.

What's next?

At January 26 I will be at @hubbog doing a speech showing an overview of what is NoSQL, what is it good for (and what is not), and some demos about how a NoSQL (primary djondb) improves the development cycle, and let finish your projects in no time

For the next months I will complete the Milestones 3 and 4, in the meantime I hope to get some help to develop drivers, sites around djondb, etc.

Going open source?

This is a great question, and I dont know the answer yet, I always wanted to share and give something to the world, but I'm not that big to avoid problems with someone else copying my code and using it for their own benefit, that's why I will wait until I finished all the milestones and upload the first version to the web to make this decision.


  1. Thanks for your job! Its great! Don't stoping please. I hope that someone sponsored your project. Open source and GPL is greate idea, you may provide commerce support. I'm going to use it for system of monitorong.
    Sorry for my english.