Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Switching from autotools to something else

Although I'm really happy with the results of autotools on Linux and OSX, everytime I want to generate the installers on Windows I needed to do something, at the beginning I just created the sln and vcproj for each of the modules in djondb, later I'd to implement an script to do the compilation process even simpler, then I'd some problems with the libraries, third party libraries, x64, etc and I'd to change some settings on the project files, so far everything worked as expected (not smoothy but worked), lately I've been having some problems that only happened to crash on Windows environments, and here's where the nightmare have begun, I've all the tests written with cpptest (which is a really good option and I love to write tests on it), but now that I need to execute the same tests on windows, and my approach started to flood.

I've been reading about some other build tools, that are really cross-platform, and I will give a try to CMake, I tried scons, but looks really slow, I don't know why but compiling with it takes double time than same thing on Linux/make counterpart.

I'll do some tests on CMake, and if everything works I will switch djondb to this build system, I'll post my results in here later.

Any thoughts? please let me know what you thing about CMake, SCons and make tools.


  1. I don't use cmake as developer, but it's really good system. With it is simple to build bin from source :) Oh, also have CPack, tool for create binary install package as deb, rpm or NSIS for Windows, but i don't use it.

  2. Thanks for that Герман, the CPack is something that I will like to have. Generate each installer takes too much time.