Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shoot the missil: Maths in action!

I came across a problem these days, how can I send a bullet right into the direction of another target, here's when you need to get back into the school and use your Pythagorean theorem knowlegde,

After spending some hours trying to solve a simple equation I realized that I've to get back to the math books, I found a very good discussion about this subject in yahoo answers what you need to know about maths in order to create games.

Ok, I wasted 2 hours into this equations and then remembered something (very blur btw) about vectors, how they should be used to move a point into the direction of a line (vector), that's how I crossed with this: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/600086-find-point-between-2-points/ actually the problem was very easy to solve:



p3x = p1x+dirx*0.25;
p3y = p1y+diry*0.25; 

First you need to find the direction of the vector, you get that doing a substraction between the 2 points (x2, y2) - (x1, y1), now that you have the direction you should apply it to the new point and that's it. easy right?

Now my game has a beatiful rocket moving into the direction of the UFO, one step further in the game creation.

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