Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Learning SDL

I'm really impressed about how easy is to use the SDL library in order to create your games, I followed the tutorials Basic, Coordinates and Blitting, events and the tic tac toe sample from http://www.sdltutorials.com and it's really simple and straighforward, actually I though it will be harder, but the explanation was amazing an I understood everything in minutes, the examples ran very well and I'm really thinking that this is piece of cake, the game is on its way to sucess.

Here's the result:

I will finish all the tutorials of sdltutorials and then I will start the game I'm planning, but I think everything will be set when the animation tutorial finishes (and that will be tomorrow), I will spend sometime understanding how the collision system works but I will not need it in my first game.

After this tutorials the next step will be the graphics, that will be easier because I've some experience using graphics tools, and I dont think will face any problems in this area.

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