Thursday, April 14, 2011

Week 2: The engine is ready and I'm working on the graphics

The last week was amazing, I thought was going to be harder to create a game, but thanks to the engine was created in 2 days, and I started to work on the character interactions.

The first thing I noticed is that the game is not going to be what I started with, actually is very different from the sketch I created 1 week ago, that's because everytime you see the screen working you change your mind and want something new, at this moment the game is going to keep it's scent but several details has been changed from the original idea (things like how the cannon will shoot, when will be the user dead, etc etc).

After the plot of the game was created I started to learn I little bit about sprites, and how they worked, this is very easy subject, but the animation... that was a very different history, I tried to create my own sprites and was a great failure, that's why I started to look for some free sprites in order to avoid this work.

This is how the screen looks like at this moment:

The cannon follows the ufo and the ufos moves as expected. I had to remember how the angles worked and what is all about cos, sin, tan etc that I saw at school and put under the bed a very long time ago, I'm realizing that I need to study very hard mathematics, my brain has some "rusty" at this moment, but anyway I will need to get my mathematics book and put in shape again.

My accomplishments this week:

1. Engine created
2. Basic graphics created
3. Basic movement of the UFO and cannon working

Next week...

1. Cannon shooting
2. UFO crashing and burning

The main idea of the graphics are settled, and I think I will post a video on youtube with the current animation that way you will give an idea of how the animations are, anyway as always I will keep the game idea hidden.

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