Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 2 Results

Then game is going pretty well and Im starting to love this new career, the results are very good (from my limited and biased point of view) and I want to share the results that I got till now,

Game Engine:

The main idea of a game engine is to create something that you could reuse easily on other projects and avoid the creation of the code from scratch everytime, my 2d game engine has the following features:

  • Image loads (maps, sprites, etc)
  • Movement (gravity and simple movement from left to right)
  • Event managed in a proper way
  • main loop routine
  • Collision detection

So far this is a very good result for the second week of work. But I didn't start this from scratch, the www.sdltutorials.com was a very good help in order to understand where I needed to start from.

Game Content:

This was a little bit difficult, I changed my mind several times about how the game will be, cause everytime you see the screen you want something different, it's hard to keep the original idea because you see how the gameplay will be and then you will change the way you thought it's going to work at the first place, but anyway... that's the idea, improve, adapt and get the best from the game.

Most of the spend time was trying to figure out how to create the images you need to put on screen, I tried to create them from scratch but was a big failure, that's why I decided to google a little bit and found some images that I could modify to create the background of my game, also the ufo was taken from a picture found at google, removed the background and get the ufo out of the picture, the cannon was harder but I found a nice place with tons of sprites that I could use (I will post his link in here later), the missil was created from scratch using inkscape (very good tool).

The mathematics was a little bit tricky but finally I managed to create the cannon effect of following the ufo and also the missil will goes into the direction of the UFO's center.

The results of the second week were saved in a video

Hope you liked the progress and if you have any questions I will be glad to answer them.

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